What Are The Side Effects of Gabapentin For Dogs?

Gabapentin can be prescribed by a veterinarian to both dogs and cats to treat a variety of neuropathic disorders and ailments such as chronic pain and seizures. As with any other type of prescription drug, this one is not without its side effects.

Dog owners tend to agree that mild sedation and ataxia and the most common side effects of Gabapentin use with dogs.

However, it is important to note that vets do not recommend using this medication if your dog has kidney or liver problems.

The number one side effect that most dog owners notice in their pets when this medication is administered is mild sedation. This means that their dog seems a bit lethargic or drowsy. So, he might not be as active and rambunctious as usual and may prefer to sleep a little more when taking this drug.

Ataxia is another common side effect that dogs experience. This condition is where the muscles do not seem to work together properly. This is a neurological side effect that can be experienced by the dog.

Strong rebound pain and seizures can be experienced by the dog as withdrawal side effects if use of the drug is stopped suddenly. For this reason, you should not abruptly stop using Gabapentin for your dog.

Some studies have also shown fetal loss in dogs when administering this medication. As a result, you should not give to dogs who are lactating or who are pregnant.

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